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Hit the 'bullseye' every time you pray to have your needs met. Stop that trial and error style!

Discover the secrets that make you get the right answers every time. Download your copy of this eBook.

HOW do WE tREAT others?

Could the issue be in what we do to those who approach us for help or in how we treat others in need?

do you know the "sure mercies"?

Do you even know about the existence of the "sure mercies of David"? The privileged status that assures answers always?

WHAT company DO we keep?

Are we found in the company of those who regularly secure what they desire from God?


Could it be that we have taken the driver's seat to the exclusion of a more competent driver?


Go for the power that produces wealth. Change your approach that produces nothing but frustration.

Learn how to make your way prosperous and without sorrow.


Most times we differ in our definitions of what wealth constitutes. But know that true wealth is the real wealth that we seek.


I bet you will be surprised that it takes what you have always known but failed to connect with. A different route to power!


You may wonder what resurrection has got to do with it. You are right. I wondered as well until I made the discovery.


And its not all a piece of cake for that matter. The risk-reward phenomenon is very real. And therein lies its great value.


The result of a journey of 30 glorious years in Christ. 


A commitment to clarity, accuracy and obedience


Over 2million words of truth, power and inspiration


Handle desperate situations in your stride. Stop being fearful and disturbed.

Gain deep insights into how to resolve desperate situations without losing your peace. Enter a new era of quality living.

return to base

Desperate situations may remind us that the time has come to return to base, to our neglected first love, Jesus.

example to follow

Can we learn from how the Saviour Himself handled situations of desperation? He was also desperate sometimes you know!

a heartfelt cry

Do we convey our desperation in such circumstances enough to be appreciated by the One that can help?

Desperate offering

An offering can do wonders during our times of desperation. What a key for opening doors when we need them most!

multiply your ability

Flow in the grace that is upon you. Stop chasing shadows and look inwards instead.

Discover your unique advantage and exploit its potency. Watch how your life gets transformed!

a race with meaning

There is one important way to run a meaningful race in life. For you and I who desire to, grace is the key

your inheritance is at stake

If we don't understand what grace means as well as its role, we may never taste our inheritance all our lives

power within reach

How we long to see power flow in our lives without longing to lay hold upon and utilize grace. Lets end this frustrating chase.

the great package on offer

We will do ourselves a great favour if we understand that grace is sent to deliver a package that will transform our lives.

You are invited to benefit from books written on a variety of crucial aspects of contemporary living. Spiritual warfare is one area that we all need to reinforce in our lives. The good news is that we are wired to be victorious always.

All challenges including afflictions answer to prayer. We all have need for prayer and the majority of us actually do pray. However, prayer effectiveness lends itself to principles and nothing else. We can examine this together in some of the books you will find here.

Our gallery

It can really be frustrating when you believe that you have done all that you know to do yet you are unable to lay hands on all you desire. While you and I may feel we have done enough to qualify for what we desire, it may well be that we still lack that one more thing! One thing that may turn out to manifest in more than one way.

Why buy our books?

Truth, Our Cornerstone

You will only find the truth of the word of God in our books. Nothing is more important than that.

Spirit Inspired Writings

You will find words and thoughts inspired by the Spirit of God, words of grace and power.

Experience in the Faith

You will find expressions and reasonings coming from a rich depth of experience.

Subject of Relevance Today

You will be able to relate those words spoken over 2000 years ago to current circumstances.

Language of Delivery is Simple

We are deliberate in the use of language, ensuring that it doesn't get in the way of revelation.

Scripture-based discussions

We maintain that the Scriptures have the final say on all issues of life and that is our anchor.

Read. Think. Ask.
Understand. Learn. And Do!

What we have done or failed to do to date determined where we find ourselves today. What we do beginning from now or fail to do will determine what will become of us tomorrow. But what we do of fail to do is determined by what we Read and Give Attention to predominantly. We think following what we read, ask questions, develop understanding and learn also as a result. We cannot but do what we have heard, seen and what our hands have handled. Reading is therefore Living!

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