Do you know that you can hit the 'bullseye' each time you pray?

Stop the trial and error style that keeps you in suspense and undermines your faith.

Now, gain access to real secrets that get you the right answers every time you pray!

Do you know that you require power to prosper?

Stop the desperation that has not helped you one bit except to frustrate you

Now, learn the way of God that prospers and adds no sorrow, only peace!

Why buy my books?

Truth, Our Cornerstone

You will only find the truth of the word of God in our books. Nothing is more important than that.

Spirit Inspired Writings

You will find words and thoughts inspired by the Spirit of God, words of grace and power.

Experience in the Faith

You will find expressions and reasonings coming from a rich depth of experience.

Subject of Relevance Today

You will be able to relate those words spoken over 2000 years ago to current circumstances.

Language of Delivery is Simple

We are deliberate in the use of language, ensuring that it doesn't get in the way of revelation.

Scripture-based discussions

We maintain that the Scriptures have the final say on all issues of life and that is our anchor.

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