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Your Roadmap for Getting Your Desires Met Anytime, Everytime

Make Your Dreams A Reality

  • Learn how to pray about the right thing at the right time.
  • Discover the character that moves God to action every time you call.
  • Learn how to present your petitions in a way that guarantees answers.
  • Discover how and what strong reasons meet the approval of God 
  • Learn the secrets of how to enjoy a quality prayer life and faith walk.

All Things Are Possible

You can hit Your Target in Prayer All The Time

We have been called into a relationship that offers guarantees not ‘trial and error’. It is time you and I step into that realm so that we can enjoy to the maximum the blessings on offer.

We Share Deep Practical Insights

What You Will Discover In Detail

securing Mercy

Mercy is crucial in prayer but there is a special brand you require - the "sure mercies of David."

Securing Help

Help is available but there is a way to secure it and its more than what have always known.

Your Association

Your association and network has everything to do with the quality of your prayer experience.

Letting Go

Understand trade-offs that get prayer answered. What things must you let go?

Strong Reasons

Discover how much the strength of your reasons matters in the quality of your results from prayer.

Prophetic Wings

We can still ride on the wings of prophecies even today. It is not old-fashioned religion!

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The Face Behind the Insights

My commitment is to express the truth of God’s word exactly according to the understanding and inspiration I have received. No embellishment. No sweet-tonging. No deception. Just “truth, simply delivered”. The goal is to transform lives through light.

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Do You Want To Boost Your Prayer Life?

This Book is for you. You deserve a better Relationship with Your Redeemer and Friend.